RingCon 2014: Gossip and Fanservice

As very few of you will know: I’m with the German Federal Agency for Magical Beings. (German: Bundesamt für magische Wesen, BafmW for short.) As it’s our function to further understanding between magical and non-magical folk, I was helping with an info booth at the RingCon 2014 in Bonn, Germany. My boss, Hagen Ulrich, has already posted a great number of visitors‘ portraits. I don’t really own the best or fastest camera – it would actually be fair to say that the camera was borrowed and isn’t owned by me at all – but I managed to find a few juicy and funny stories behind those pics:

(German version here.)

Raven sighted near the River Rhine …


Did Odin Allfather send one of his ravens – Huginn or Muninn – to spy on the RingCon? Or maybe we were in the sights of a shape changing mage?


VIP-Visitors from the US

Hagen Ulrich had to flee the squee!


Both the self-proclaimed playboy Anthony Stark and Sgt. James B. Barnes dropped by to gather information about the work of the Federal Agency for Magical Beings. As I was able to discern, the US agency in charge of world saving is currently unavailable. Unfortunately, barring one incident in Stuttgart a few years back, Germany is not a prime target for alien invasions. Therefore, we weren’t able to help our guests.

I will admit that I did add quite a bit to the squealing.

Questions concerning Mr. Stark’s purported affairs with either Loki or Captain America were very elegantly evaded by the billionaire.

Aztec Treasure again missing a coin


At the estimated age of 400 years, Captain J. Sparrow wouldn’t look quite as spry without the help of some cursed gold.


This Majesty was not amused


His (or their?) Royal Highness Uther Pendragon was willing to smile for a picture despite his (their?) dislike for all things magical.

Regardless, I’m recommending to keep a close eye on Camelot and the Christian Knights of the Round Table. The British Ministry of Magic was informed about the malcontents by the BafmW so the Aurors will be able to prepare for any disturbances.

Proof that succubi are indeed horny:


If you will kindly look at the demoness on the right.


Sea-friendly Uruk-Hai spotted


This particular follower of Saruman was collecting money for Sea Shepherd e.V.


Human Hunting Cosplayers


Only very patient hiding rendered this rare photograph: A well camouflaged human on a hunt for just the right picture.


Ms Merkel has nothing on Cecil


People following German politics will know about Chancellor Merkel’s „Diamond of Power“:

People in Berlin near an election campaign poster of the hands of German chancellor Angela Merkel


Cecil from Night Vale has a way more occult and powerful diamond, what with the tattoos and the eye, don’t you agree?

Cecil was also impressed by the Agency’s car:



Where’s the Mother?

How do Nazgûl procreate anyway?

At first, things looked rather normal. Some Elves were looking askance at a gathering of Ringwraiths – not that anyone would begrudge them the eyeballing.


Despite the understandable suspicion, the Nazgûl mostly were walking around without doing undue harm to anyone. (Here on their way to the ice cream parlor. – I will kindly spare you the sight of ice-eating Nazgûl.)


But then I ran across this Ringwraith:


Looks totally ordinary? You will laugh, because this is the Ringwraith to scale:


No Nazgûl were available for commentary. I also questioned these two Hobbits:

IMG_6013Even though one was carrying the One Ring, they had no information about the Mini-Nazgûl’s origin.

Now I wonder: Where’s the mother of the little one? Is one Wraith the mother, or did they procreate by budding?

According to rumors, Vampire’s Health, Bree News and Minas Morgul Monthly all would pay handsome sums for a home story.

The BafmW is also very quiet about the issue. An anonymous source hinted that it might be possible to enter the Mini-Wraith and their family into a witness protection program. Hopefully, it won’t have to come to that.

This was brought to you by Carmilla DeWinter. Author of some German Queer Fantasy. Ace Blogger. Sometime fanfic-writer still sticking with the Pit of Voles.

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